hen you are feeling sad or alone, or you are having a tired, no good, very bad day, you need a friendly voice telling you that "You are doing a good job!" or "You have a beautiful smile".

The PosForce app has 99 positive reinforcement phrases exclusively custom recorded by a top San Francisco voice talent. The voice is accompanied by 99 beautiful custom design play-buttons in vector format. Furthermore, all graphic are vector images. That means they are clearly and beautifully rendered on any screen size or screen resolution, such as a retina display device, a super HD display device or a future 3D holographic display device.

There are a lot of right-brain and left-brain, i.e. psychology and math, research went into the creation of this innocently simple app. To appeal to the right-brain, the voice are recorded in both a "mom voice" and a "friend voice", the vector images are beautifully render, and the animation is inspired wonderment.

To appeal to the left-brain, two random phrases are played per one tab, which give 10,000 unique combination pairs. Furthermore, coupling with the 99 play-buttons randomly dislayed, using the "Marsaglia Random Number", the total is 1 million unique experiences. The animation movement is based on the "Perlin and Hoffert Noice Alogorithm". All together, the app delivers to the the left-brain a familiar with subtle different experience in every tab. It is similarly to a population model where your family, friends and neighbors are within one standard deviation.

We do all the left-brain and right-brain work, so we can give you a brief smile in your tired, no good, very bad day.

Double-tab to toggle viewing the app credits.