Once upon of time, we were poised to reinventing ourselves, bringing children books to life on mobile devices. We build the pre-release version of the RRKidz with LeVar Burton book app. Our sister company SwiftAir in Dallas, is rejuvenating the on-air entertainment and coupons market. One day, we might “get the band back together.”

“#Be-nice-2020” is one of our members' latest project.

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Demystify AI and Deep Learning Series by Duc Haba


  1. Hot off the press. "AI Start Here (A1SH)" on Medium, LinkedIn, GitHub (July 2021)
  2. "Fast.ai Book Study Group #G1FA" on LinkedIn on Medium, LinkedIn, GitHub (January 2021)
  3. "Augmentation Data Deep Dive (AUD3)" on Medium, LinkedIn, GitHub (December 2020)
  4. "Demystify Neural Network NLP Input-data and Tokenizer" on LinkedIn, GitHub (November 2020)
  5. "Python 3D Visualization " on LinkedIn, GitHub (September 2020)
  6. "Demystify Python 2D Charts" on LinkedIn, GitHub (September 2020)
  7. "Norwegian Blue Parrot" Website (August 2020)
  8. "The Texas Two-Step, The Hero of Digital Chaos" on LinkedIn
  9. "Be Nice 2020" Movement Website (January 2020)
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